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My name is Nino, it’s nice to meet you.

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The things that you feel most deeply, from the very bottom of your heart, will never deceive you in the slightest. — Genzaburo Yoshino, How Do You Live?

About Me

Hello there, glad to have you here. My name is Nino. I’m a Philosophy Major, and I’m passionate about sharing how philosophy…

Impermanence and imperfection in Japanese aesthetics


During my college days, I found Eastern Philosophy disorganized and hard to follow. I wasn’t fond of the subject because I found their ideas too simplistic. Unlike Western philosophy, where thinkers investigate the nature of truth, Eastern philosophy feels like a self-help section rather than actual philosophizing.

My thoughts on…

On Forgiveness and Redemption

A Silent Voice Movie Poster (Kyoto Animation)

This article contains spoilers.


A Silent Voice is known for its themes about disability, bullying, and mental health. But while it’s popular for those things, I want to highlight its portrayal of forgiveness and redemption.

Shoko Nishimiya was bullied by her classmates because of her condition. But despite many of…

This mindset might be what it takes to experience happiness.

Photo by Jose Ibarra on Unsplash

We all aspire to be happy. Throughout history, there have been various attempts to understand what provides happiness. These range from gaining popularity, material wealth, pleasure, and many more.

However, we all know these things don’t suffice. Though we search for satisfaction in these things, the joy they provide is…

On A Love That’s Imperfect

Violet Evergarden The Movie Promotional (Kyoto Animation)

This article contains spoilers.


With the end of The Great War came a technological boom in the city of Leidenschaftlich.

As a radio tower continues to be built, telephones will soon become more relevant, leading to a decline in demand for transcription services. However, Violet Evergarden continues to be known…

Nino Padilla

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