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About Me

Hello there. Glad to have you here. My name is Nino. I am a Philosophy Major who is passionate about sharing how philosophy betters our life.

Philosophy has a bad rap for being useless and impractical. This statement couldn’t be any more false. The reason why most people think of philosophy this way is because of its reputation. Archaic, subjective and speculative.

I would, however, disagree. When approached correctly and applied properly, it can help us think clearly and act accordingly.

If you’re interested in understanding how philosophy benefits our lives, please feel free to engage with me by reading…

How This Age-old Discipline Can Save Your Life

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In college, one of my professors defined Philosophy as “the study of everything according to its ultimate reality in light of reason.” He then went on to ask the class what their life philosophy is. Yes — I was one of the students asked.

I answered that my philosophy in life is to do things according to what God wants me to. To orient my actions towards good things always.

You might think that if that’s all it is, then it should be clear now, right? Everyone has their opinion. That’s how it goes. Yes and no. …

An analysis of our biases, distortions, and irrational thinking.

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“Everything is relative.”

I hear that statement a lot. People who say it solely see things from their perspective. They assert that nothing is absolute and that they’re free to project their interpretation on everything.

People often say this when they have opposing views on controversial topics. These include politics, religion, and morality. But what does the statement imply?

If everything is relative, then nothing can be considered an objective fact. So what’s the point of education and scientific inquiry? Moreover, the statement is actually self-defeating.

Let’s dissect it.

Everything is, means it applies to all. Pair that with relative

3 strategies that worked for me

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Before anything, I want to clarify that I don’t consider any degree useless. Pursuing any study if done for the sake of learning is never a waste.

However, when I applied for jobs after graduation, many employers told me that my philosophy degree isn’t practical. They believed that taking humanities or social science degrees is useless.

They’re right. If my sole purpose was to make money, I should’ve pursued a different degree. But since I wanted something more than that, I knew I was on the right track.

I’m a philosophy major and I don’t believe my education is useless…

I think that oftentimes, we don't need new advise to become better. Becoming better persons require consistent, incremental steps rather than one magical formula in a self help book.

But I think most of us crave self help because we still hope that one day some idea is gonna make us instantly better.

NO. We need to do baby steps. Consistent baby steps. Put in the work everyday and make it a habit.

Very thoughtful article. :)

Yes, It liberates us

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Liberal Arts. Such a fancy term, but what is it? Simply put, it is a kind of education where its foundations lie in the Trivium. Trivium comes from the Latin word which translates to “three ways.” The three ways are said to be the foundation of a solid intellectual formation.

You might wonder, is the liberal arts a type of college degree or educational style? It can be both. Some universities offer an actual degree in liberal arts. While some primary and secondary schools simply use liberal arts as their educational method.

So how does it help us to think…

Know what matters.

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Philosophers claim that studying philosophy teaches us to think clearly. In fact, one of my old professors believes that it “studies everything according to its ultimate reality in light of reason.”

While philosophy is present in all things, there are four questions it asks. These four are present in everything we do, whether we realize it or not.

We study philosophy to understand the nature of Goodness, Truth, and Beauty. These lead to a sense of clarity and fulfillment. Let me explain.

1. Metaphysics and Epistemology: Understand the Truth


It is of Greek origin which means “after things of nature.”

This branch of philosophy attempts to define…

Three important lessons from Angela Duckworth’s “Grit”

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Last January, my friend lent me a book entitled, Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth. I wasn’t very excited about it because it looked like a self-help book and I’ve grown tired of the genre. I always thought of self-help books as pieces of advice that can be summarized in a few sentences rather than published as a whole book. Ironically, I finished the book from cover to cover and found reading it to be a delightful experience.

Allow me to share with you the lessons I learned from it.

1. Grit Does Not Simply Mean Hard Work

Duckworth defines grit as the “perseverance…

Using Philosophy to understand Theology.

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Does God Exist? Our professor asked this question during our Medieval philosophy class. The session focused on how philosophy helps us understand the Divine, if there is one. Medieval philosophy discussions center on God’s existence and the relevance of theology.

I remember that session so vividly because of its impact. For the first time, I reconsidered my long-held belief in God’s existence.

I was raised Catholic. Growing up, I always believed in God’s presence. My faith has always been my source of refuge. Being Christian, we were constantly reminded that the greatest commandment was to love one another. …

Befriending Death and Living An Authentic Existence

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Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, I found myself contemplating my own death. The pandemic took us all by surprise and wreaked havoc on our lives. In the past year, I wasn’t so afraid of it. Yes, infections are rising day by day, but recovery rates are far higher than death tolls. Moreover, I’m relieved that my loved ones are obedient in following health and safety protocols.

It wasn’t until this time of this year that I was shaken by its destructive effects. A new strain of the coronavirus has mutated, and it is more contagious and deadly. In addition, the…

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