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Pursuing the Good. Discovering the Truth. Celebrating the Beautiful.

My name is Nino, it’s nice to meet you.

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The things that you feel most deeply, from the very bottom of your heart, will never deceive you in the slightest. — Genzaburo Yoshino, How Do You Live?

About Me

Hello there, glad to have you here. My name is Nino. I’m a Philosophy Major, and I’m passionate about sharing how philosophy improves our life.

Philosophy has a bad rap for being useless and impractical. But this couldn’t be more false. The reason why most people see it that way is because of its reputation. Archaic, subjective, and speculative.

I would, however, disagree. When approached properly, it can help us think and…

Befriending Death and Living An Authentic Existence

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Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, I found myself contemplating my own death. The pandemic took us all by surprise and wreaked havoc on our lives. In the past year, I wasn’t so afraid of it. Yes, infections rose day by day, but recovery rates are far higher than death tolls. Moreover, I’m relieved my loved ones are obedient in following health and safety protocols.

It wasn’t until this time of this year that I was shaken by its destructive effects. A new strain of the coronavirus has mutated, and it is more contagious and deadly. In addition, the number of…

Impermanence and imperfection in Japanese aesthetics


During my college days, I found Eastern Philosophy disorganized and hard to follow. I wasn’t fond of the subject because I found their ideas too simplistic. Unlike Western philosophy, where thinkers investigate the nature of truth, Eastern philosophy feels like a self-help section rather than actual philosophizing.

My thoughts on Eastern philosophy changed when I encountered Japanese Philosophy. Their aesthetic view was simple yet deeply moving. Since then, I saw the subject in a new light.

Japanese Aesthetics

Western Philosophy highlights logic and validity, while Eastern Philosophy looks at everyday, mundane life. …

Three ways it heals and leads to the truth.

Photo by Masaaki Komori on Unsplash

“Beauty will save the world.” Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Idiot

When I was a college senior, our department went on a field trip to the National Museum. The purpose was to promote history and art appreciation. While I was never a fan of museums, the thought of having our classes canceled was enough to get me excited.

As we entered the building, I was mesmerized by the sheer number of paintings and sculptures. It was my first time going, and I didn’t know they housed pieces that were such marvels to behold.

As we went from one gallery to another…

How both disciplines complement the truths of the world.

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During our first class in Ancient Philosophy, our professor began with a question. What is philosophy, and why is it relevant if there is science anyway? He called us one by one, and we gave answers such as “Philosophy teaches us to think clearly. It aims to understand the reason behind things, and philosophy studies everything.”

Unfortunately, none of our answers satisfied his question. He refuted it and said everything we stated is present in science. If that’s the case, is philosophy is useless then? Is it pointless to study it?

Cannot Be Proven?

Science is defined as the study of the world…

Overcome fear to start doing what matters for you.

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Before the quarantine situation, I find it easy to commit to my goals. I have a strong internal compass that allows me to be consistent with them. Whether it be learning a skill or eating healthy, I see through them because I have a why.

Two years into the pandemic, my drive diminishes little by little every day. My daily health habit of drinking fruit smoothies now feels like a chore. Reading books have become dry and dull as well. Ironically, these things used to be effortless for me.

This made me wonder, why is it easy to commit to…

The prize, not the price, matters

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Brands never bothered me. I don’t judge a product by how expensive it is. For me, what matters is quality, durability, and track record. If I will spend anyway, might as well go for a good deal.

I don’t want to pay for something more than it’s worth. Especially when a company capitalizes on brand luxury rather than the product itself. Most people believe price translates to quality. They think expensive items are superior to their inexpensive counterparts. But this isn’t always true. What if it’s just in the mind?

Whether you splurge regularly or not, here are some reasons…

A chapter summary from “On Writing Well”

Photo by Lisa from Pexels

As writers, we all struggle with clutter. We are prone to unnecessary words, repetitive phrases, and thoughtless constructions. We also tend to inflate our words to sound like we’re experts.

However, good writing means stripping the sentences to their cleanest components. Words that serve no function and wordy phrases that could be shortened could all weaken and dilute our work.

So how do we go about these?

1. Clear Your Mind

To achieve freedom from clutter, we need to clear our minds of it. Clear thinking translates to clear writing. It’s impossible to write well if our thought process is muddied. We might get…

Exploring scientific studies on the relevance of grit.

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We all want to be good at something. Whether it be at our jobs or hobbies. In today’s market, there isn’t a shortage of courses and materials that promise we would master a skill quickly. Despite these resources, we are more lost and frustrated than ever.

We might think, why didn’t I pick it up quickly? Why do I struggle to put the pieces together? Because of this mindset, we give up on our pursuit because we conclude it’s simply not meant for us. We find new passions only to be left unsatisfied. Our old passions still speak to us…

Answering the question, “How Do You Live?”

How Do You Live? Hard Cover (Photo By Penguin Classics)

How Do You Live? is the inspiration behind Hayao Miyazaki’s upcoming anime film with the same name. After bowing out from the industry many times, he came out from retirement again to direct his possibly final work.

As a Miyazaki fan, when I discovered he would make another movie, I knew I had to read the source material. The title alone moved me. Even though I didn’t know its plot, I felt it would tackle crucial realities about life. While the book was only available for purchase in the United Kingdom, that didn’t stop me from ordering it.

At the…

Nino Padilla

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