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Nino Padilla
4 min readApr 27, 2021
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The things that you feel most deeply, from the very bottom of your heart, will never deceive you in the slightest. — Genzaburo Yoshino, How Do You Live?

About Me

Hello there, glad to have you here. My name is Nino. I’m a Philosophy Major, and I’m passionate about sharing how philosophy improves our life.

Philosophy has a bad rap for being useless and impractical. But this couldn’t be more false. The reason why most people see it that way is because of its reputation. Archaic, subjective, and speculative.

I would, however, disagree. When approached properly, it can help us think and act accordingly. It’s crucial to engage in philosophical discussions because it seeks answers to fundamental questions like:

  • Why are we here?
  • What is our purpose in life?
  • How do we determine what’s good?
  • How do we know when something is true or not?
  • How do we ought to live?

Rather than outline the history of philosophy or write about the ideas of philosophers, I will write about concrete issues and address them philosophically instead. In this way, I can show its practical implications and prove that it helps us think better.

Philosophy often intertwines with other disciplines like Theology, Politics, and Education. You can expect my articles to be a mixture of these topics.

If you’re interested in understanding how philosophy benefits our lives, please feel free to engage with me, read my pieces and share your comments. I would be happy to have a discussion. Please remember to be kind and respectful with your comments.

I only started writing in Medium last February 2021, and to date, I only have a few writings. Nonetheless, I hope to publish engaging and thought-provoking essays consistently.

Other Things

Besides philosophy, I write about personal thoughts on books, films, and articles. How they affected me and what lessons I can share with others.

I also run a Medium publication called Anime Thoughts where I share my thoughts and feelings on anime I watched. I love watching anime because it generally talks about life, existence, and pursuing what’s important. I enjoy dissecting its themes and messages, and that’s what I write about in my publication.

If you’re also into anime, please feel free to check it out. Anime, as an art form, is diverse and multi-faceted. Its story elements are bound to have multiple interpretations and meanings. I hope we can connect and relate through these things.

Let’s build a circle, and who knows? We might establish a big community in the long run.


Here are the links to my published writings. This will be regularly updated.

I hope you enjoy reading my work and learn something new from it. Always remember to be kind to everyone. Take care!



Nino Padilla

I grapple with life's most important questions to learn how to live.